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Eve’s Cidery is a small family run orchard and cidery located in Van Etten, in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. We grow apples and other tree fruits and ferment artisanal ciders. We believe in nature, art, good food and hard work. These beliefs influence the way we farm, make cider and sell our product. We hope you can taste some of it in the bottle.

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James might say that the story of Eve’s Cidery began on another planet and will continue in partnership with another race but I’ll just stick with what is verifiable. So the story of Eve’s Cidery may have started with James’ great-great-grandfather who planted an orchard in Dix Illinois in 1800’s.

James is a sixth generation orchardist. His father, James Cummins, PhD, is a Cornell plant breeder and bred the Geneva series of apple rootstocks, which is planted throughout the country.  Dr. Cummins, in partnership with Steven, James’ brother, own Cummins Nursery, which propagates 300-500 varieties of apples and other fruit trees and last year shipped 25,000 trees throughout the country.

James grew-up on the farm in Illinois overlooking the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.  In 1960’s the family moved to Geneva, New York. In 1972, when he was 22, James bought 60 acres in Newfield, New York and started a u-pick orchard, where he planted 20,000 dwarf fruit trees. In 2002 James suffered a traumatic head injury and was in a coma for one month. He is still physically affected but, as James would say, intellectually, he is at 150% of his capacity pre trauma and getting smarter every month. As Autumn says, talking to James is like taking drugs. You can’t decide if he’s crazy or a prophet. Other things to know about James:

  • He lives on nuts, fruit, chocolate, peanut butter and coffee.
  • His backhoe, which is what he used to rehab from the head injury, is his most prized possession.
  • Generosity and graciousness are at his essence.
  • He’s a work addict.
  • He reads the advertisements rather than the texts in the New York Times, to figure out what’s really going on in this country.

Eve’s Cidery has as part of its base a farmer who has a metaphysical understanding of fruit trees, but never would have started without the combination of artistry, creativity and work ethic that characterizes Autumn Stoscheck.  She is the smartest person I know.   Wineries now-a-days start with millions of dollars of capital.   Autumn started Eve’s Cidery with James in 2002 when she was 21 on her savings from waitressing.  She is determined.  When James suffered his head injury, she was his advocate in the hospitals, seeing that he could get better, when doctors said he would never walk again, and dragged him toward recovery, while still keeping the business alive.  When it appeared inevitable that gas drilling using high volume hydraulic fracturing was coming to the area, she organized a meeting of people that resulted in the formation of Shaleshock, an authoritative source of information of the type of gas drilling that is finally being covered by the national media.

Much of the personality of Eve’s Cidery comes from Autumn.  She created all of the labels on the ciders and fruit wines, for example.  All of the art on this website is from Autumn.  She has the good ideas that keeps Eve’s Cidery evolving, from conventional toward an alternative to the “organic” model.  Bored and depressed by people’s acceptance of the inevitability of things, she turns on strong when she figures out the other way and has the capacity to redraw the space around her, the future.

Since I’m writing this I get to set that the least is said about me.  I like a mix in people.  And I would like to be someone who moves easily between different classes, different cultures and ages.  I grew-up in rural Spencer, New York but my family is all from the New York City area.  My parents are artists but I come – across as conservative to some people.  I make a decision and move in that direction even if it would make more sense to reevaluate and turn.  So I pulled myself through law school even though it was torture for me and I could not have told you why I was doing it.  And then I became a trial lawyer even though I was afraid of public speaking.  I like to design and build furniture.  Steel and concrete are what I’m interested in now.  I want to travel small parts of the world by sea kayak.  I want to do pull-ups with 35 lbs. on my back again.  I have the opportunity to describe my essence but I don’t know how or what it is.  But that’s me, as well.  Maybe I’ll meet you in Union Square or at the edge of a woods somewhere.

Ezra Sherman
April, 2011